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Charlotte Dipanda embraces cinema

The Cameroonian singer plays Laure in the serie River Hotel Kinshasa directed by Didier Ndenga

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After conquering the world with her soprano voice and her delicate melodies, the author of Mispa and Massa flew to the Congolese capital to shoot the serie.

For the first time the crowd consisted of the world of the 7th art surrounded by televisions stars like Habi Touré, Fally Ipupa and Nadia Beausson Ndiaye.

It is the Central African actress Habi Touré who announced this on her Facebook page, August 23, 2016: date the shooting began.

In her role, charlotte is far from her natural African look with her flying dresses and her usual braids. There she adopts long extensions with jeans and sneakers.

According to the first few pictures of the serie published on Facebook, the diva is a young woman in love who allows her lover to control her feelings for him.

For now, the synopsis of Rivers Hotel Kinshasa have not yet been unveiled. Nevertheless, we know that it will be broadcasted from February on TV5 Monde .
With this leading role, charlotte Dipanda sufficiently demonstrates that she has several tricks in her bag. She went from a singer to an actress.

Currently, she is  part of the jury at the blind audition The Voice Africa.

Maimounatou Bourzaka