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Screening: More viewers absent

Their absence can be noticed as cinema halls are always empty during projections and other theatrical representation

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 Salle Sita movie theater (Copyright)

 Though the Cameroonian movie industry has taken off compared to what was known in the former years by producing high quality movies and more interesting stories, the situation in cinema halls has however not changed. At first movie halls such as Cinema Abbia, Wouri and Empire were always full as it served as a broadcasting platform for Cameroonian and foreign movies to be seen. This culture has however died as many people prefer watching movies at home especially foerign films as little interest is given Cameroonian movies.

During an interview  with the director  of Bonne Nouvelle Gérard Désiré Nguélé  we tried finding  answers to  the situation currently plaguing the Cameroonian movie industry. According to him"the problem is at several levels; one of the most significant is the broadcasting of information since we do not have a Crystal ball to know that there is a projection in a certain place. The information must reach the public" he is quoted to have said. The press will play an important role in the domain spreading the news.

The absence of the people in cinemas has resulted in numerous consequences, as described by Gérard Désiré Nguélé: who says «in reality we are obliged to adapt our approaches and change them in order to have a wider range of consumers as our movies not be focused on the Cameroonian population".

The alarming situation could  endanger the Cameroonian culture. "The State must give the press, the necessary means in order for our culture to be advertised" according to veteran filmmaker Gerard Essomba  . It is certainly necessary to give the means as it is sad that during all the cinematographic projections during FENAC, 2016 practically all halls were empty.
Things need to change and the change starts with each and everyone of us.

Maimounatou Bourzaka