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Samba : the rhythm of a new dawn

Welcome to the world of fashion, glamor love and hatred


Official poster of Samba (Copyright )

The first images of the series were revealed last March on social networks.  There We saw five men and five women all dressed in white, black and red: the colors of glamor, chick and passion.

Samba is the story of two enterprising ladies who have a fashion label and are determined to make it a world class label. They face an enemy - unlikely.
In this enticing adventure is also a couple who managed to make a name and fortune thanks to the marriage counsel. .
Their son, playboy is totally anti-marriage.

Samba is a label of design that is not only a brand, but a philosophy, a way of life.

In this exciting series, director Enah Johnscott leads us to see how matrimonial relationships determine success or failure in working life.
All woven into a background of African beauty and modern culture and fashion.

To carry high this scenario of Proxy Melvin Buh, the top of the actors of the Anglophone part of Cameroon and some of Nigeria like Helen Paul. The crew is a passionate group that is determined to surpass itself in order to perpetuate the audiovisual notoriety of Cameroon on the African and world stage. With Epule Jeffrey, Otia Vitalis, Ade Kelly, Nsang Dilong, Nina Marie, Desmond Wyte, Elung Brenda, Vugah Samson ...

Can't wait to watch it !

Maimounatou Bourzaka