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Watch out for A man for the weekend

The cameroonian film industry is on the move once more. This time around producer and CEO of Blue Rain Entertainment Syndy Emade and a host of other actors have embarked on the shooting of yet another interesting movie directed by Achille Brice

man for weekend

A man for the weekend (Copyright)

It is strange to hear that in the 21st century women are still victims of all sorts of violence meeted on them by men. It is sad to see how young girls are forced in to marriages for one reason or the other. This outdated practice which is gaining more grounds cought the producer's attention as her own relative was victim of such a situation. The movie entitled A man for the weekend tells the story of a young girl forced to marry a man and finally decides to stand up for her rights and not endure this painful situation no matter the consequences.

The shooting started on March 20th, 2017 in Douala and will run for three weeks. The peculiarities in this movie include a melting pot of actors from both the french and English speaking parts of Cameroon and Nigeria. Orgelle Kentsop aka Mami Ton who plays the role of Syndy's mum in the movie will be speaking in english for the first time. This novelty will indeed promote the bilingual nature of Cameroon.

syndy emade
Syndy Emade and Mamy Ton (Copyright)

It was not easy for the producer to bring actors such as Christa Eka,Nchifor Valery, Alex Ekubo and others together but however admits the lack of sponsors and financial difficulties things are going on smoothly.

The producer herself, Syndy Emade (Copyright)

The film is expected to be out ending 2017 and will be premiered at five different occasions including in Nigeria. This is the reason why Nigerian born Alex Ekubo is in the movie.


Aisha ENDALE / Maimounatou BOURZAKA