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The acclaimed director of Rumble is at it again

His recent baby to be released in the months ahead is entitled Little Cindy


 Mayorchu Ebai and Libota McDonald on the set of Little Cindy  (Copyright)

The movie based on a true life story narrates how a young wealthy couple Mr and Mrs Alom played by Libota McDonald and Solange Ojong decide to throw a party in honour of their brilliant daughter who also doubles as a singer Cindy. The party is about to begin when something strange happens. This mouthwatering movie is filled with suspense, intrigue, and action.

The crew is made up essentially of the "who is who" in the Cameroonian film industry in the likes of Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery,Solange Ojong amongs others. Shot in two weeks in the town of Limbe, the movie is peculiar because all the drama unfolds in three hours on the same day reason why the actors are dressed in a single costume through the movie. According to the director shooting the movie during the rainy season was not an easy task coupled with the fact that the actors didn't change their costumes. Currently in its post production phase the director hopes the movie will be well received by the public as it has always been the case with the others like his popular tv series Rumble, presently aired on local and international tv channels.

Now you know almost if not everything on Little Cindy .


Aisha Endale