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Rumble : the mirror of our society

This Billy Bob’s tv series hijacks Cameroonian viewers of tele-films and other foreign productions


Rumble's official poster (Copyright)

Rumble is a television series broadcast on CRTV from Tuesday to Friday at 7pm. It was originally broadcast during the week at 9pm. The series of about 300 episodes is in its 3rd season.

 From the title Rumble, which means disorder, the series highlights the evils of society that block the development of the nation. Topics include corruption, hatred, love and deception. The top of the English-speaking actors of the country like Chinepoh Cosson, Desmond Whyte, Cynthia Emade, Valéry Nchifor, Brenda Elung and so other are chosen.

The series is shot in Yaoundé and other cities in the South West. It features two families, the Bile and the Epie who hate themselves about outstanding scores in the past. Their two daughters fall in love with the same man: Francky. This one will choose the girl Bile to the detriment of Nsang Dilong,Epié’s daughter. The latter one will die and Franky is accused of murder. At the en , he is recognized innocent hence the genesis of hatred between the Epie and Francky's family.

Maimounatou Bourzaka